camps San Martin

If you are passionate about fly fishing, this is your ideal trip!

3+ days camps!

A unique experience for you, family and friends!

A wide variety of destinations to camp several days and enjoy of being in nature 24 hours, fishing and sharing incredible moments. Door-to-door transfers, lunches, dinners and breakfasts, fishing and camping gear, a guide for every 2 fishermen, drift boats, cargo boat and stuff. NRS cots, pillows, sleeping bags, tents, Argentine wines, Patagonian barbecues and the best fishing offered by the Limay, Manso, Chimehuin and more waters of Northern Patagonia, let's find your perfect trip!. Seasson: November to June.

Transfers, Fishing & Camping Gear, Drift Boats All Meals, Soft Drinks and Drinks, Guides


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose the destination for my camp?

    After your consultation, we can have a phone call where together we will evaluate the conditions of the environments adapted to each passenger or group of passengers and together we will be able to choose the best alternative.

  • -What are the possible destinations?

    There are many possibilities for these expeditions. Mobile campsites or base camps will give us the possibility to choose rivers and lakes such as Limay, Manso, Chimehuin, Collon Cura and Caleufu or Lakes Roca, Fonck, Nahuel Huapi and more.

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