Half Day Trips

A fast drift in the Limay river. Enjoy Patagonia

Half Day Limay River

Duration: 5 hours. Starting time: To be agree!

Half hour east from Bariloche begins the amazing upper Limay, a steppe river considered TOP for fishing in Patagonia. These waters offer the unique chance to catch Large Trout, it's the only watershed with freshwater crabs and lobsters in Patagonia and trout get the biggest sizes in all Argentinean waters. Dry Flies, Nymphs and Streamers. A very technical river with great rewards.

Transfers, Fishing Gear and Waders Snacks, Beers & Refreshments


Frequently Asked Questions

  • -How does a half day fishing trip take place?

    A typical half day fishing trip takes place during morning or the afternoon. The guide picks up the fisherman or fishermen at the hotel at the previously agreed time, once in the river, the fishermen will dress with the appropriate clothing, while the guide prepares the boat. After a little safety talk, the fishing day begins.

  • -How does the day unfold at the River?

    We will float about 4 miles looking for the best fishing spots. In the boat you can enjoy a nice malbec wine and beers followed by some snacks. After 4 hours of fishing we will arrive at the take out point where the vehicle will be waiting for us to begin the trip back to the hotel.

  • -What boats do you use?

    Depending on the river and the weather conditions we will use drif-boat, kataraft or motor boats.

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