Fishing Season

Fly fishing season in Bariloche, Northern Patagonia Argentina

The season in Patagonia runs from the beginning of November to the end of May. During these months different changes in water levels and different hatches are established. . .


Hi waters


The beginning of the season. The trout, in post spawning is hungry and the best way to fish them is with sinking lines and large streamers. We will find them close to the banks, behind the willows and in the eddys. We get to capture large rainbows and browns that have not yet returned to the lake after spawning.


Dry Fly

The beginning of the hatches!

At the end of November and during the first week of December, water levels tend to be much lower. Mayflys and caddis hatches start coming out, as well as dragonflies and damselflies. Warm days are what we will spect for the most activities. On these occasions we will use floating lines with imitations of the insect hatch of the moment in the different rivers.


The summer, the hatches!

Warm weather, active trout!

Summer is already here, warm days and more sunlight gives us the opportunity to fish during massive hatches and wade in shorts, some days fishing can be more technical and some other can be easy with trout feeding everywhere. Trout are fat and strong in January. The we will mostly fish floating lines with the imitation that the guide recommend and we will always have the chance to cast some streamers to some of the big browns.


Hot waters, no wadders!

Feel the summer, fish confortable!

The waters are warm and trout is already fat, they become more selectives but the activity will be there! we will work mostly eddies and behind the willows. Optimal water levels to fish confortable, with good drifts and quiet current. The best times to fish are the hatches that happens during sunrises and sunsets. We have to try to visualize the fedding lines where we can get the best results.


The weather will start changing!

The migration will start, maybe!

The first half of March trout are still selective, but from the second half of March the days begin to be colder and therefore the temperature of the water begins to drop. Little by little trout begin with a new spawning cycle, school of large browns that live in the lake during the summer re-enter the river.


The big browns are there

Migratory Browns in the river!

With the arrival of autumn the first storms allow the brown migration run. The days after the storms are auspicious for these large trout. Hooking these migratory browns is going to demand the maximum from fishermen and guides, but once the goal is fulfilled all the hard work transforms into a memorable memory.


Schools of Browns in the river

Time to catch the trophy!

It is the ideal month to try ripping off some lips of these great migratory trouts. With schools of browns already settled in the river, it’s time great rainbows begin their run. We have to wear # 7 rods with sag lines and large streamers that can irritate our friends. The possibility of obtaining our trophy trout is unbeatable.

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